The snow can really fall here in Marlette, MI. I’m sure that we all have memories of times when a couple feet of snow was dumped on us at one time. Snow can cause a lot of headaches, not only for driving, but for keeping your yard clean. It can also be a great opportunity for some folks to help their community, while making some money on the side. With a snow plow attached, a RAM 2500 or RAM 3500 can be a beast in helping you make short work of the snow. Marlette Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, located at 3755 S Van Dyke in Marlette, MI, is a great resource for all your plowing questions and needs. We also have a huge selection of RAM trucks on our lot.

The Snow Chief Package

The RAM 2500 and RAM 3500 come available with the snow chief package. This package gives Marlette, MI drivers who have an interest in plowing, some helpful features to assist them in getting those jobs done. The Snow Chief package comes with items like a higher amp alternator, transfer skid plate, a higher amp battery, an anti-spin rear axle, 17-inch tires, and a standard vinyl floor. All this combines to set you up for a great plowing experience.

We Can Get You a Great Plow

A big part of the plowing experience is making sure you have a great plow to push all that snow. Our dealership sends a lot of business to They carry some of the biggest brands in plows including Meyer, SnowSport, Curtis, FirstTrax, and SnowBear. Whether you are looking to plow your driveway in Marlette, MI or you need something for commercial use, they have got you covered.

Looking for Auto Financing? We Can Help

Marlette Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, in Marlette, MI, has a finance center that can assist you with your auto financing, whether you have personal or commercial financing needs. There are several incentives and financing specials for both personal and commercial customers. Contact a member of our finance team today and find out how what current promotions we have available for your RAM truck and plow.

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