Four Spring Auto Maintenance Tips

Here in Michigan, we’re coming out of a long winter. And just like it can be hard on us, winter can also be hard on your vehicle. With warm weather on its way, there’s no better time to get out an perform some general spring maintenance, and we’ve put together our top four spring auto maintenance tips for your convenience. Whether you’re cruising the roads of Marlette or Imlay City, these tips will help ensure your vehicle transitions into nicer weather successfully.

Four Helpful Spring Maintenance Tips

  • Check Tire Pressure
    Changes in temperature can have a significant impact on your tire pressure. As the weather changes, be sure keep an eye on your tires to keep them at their manufacturer specification.
  • Wash Your Car
    Whether you enjoy washing your car yourself, or want to take it to the professionals, it should be done. It’s likely over the course of winter grime and debris have built up on your vehicle, that’s not something good for paint.
  • Check Your Fluids
    Things like oil, engine coolant and other fluids are something you should check regularly. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, bring your vehicle to our service center and we can do for you.
  • Have Alignment and Suspension Checked
    Road conditions can become harsh during winter months. This may cause extra wear and tear on your suspension and tires. It’s a good idea to have these things looked at after winter.

While you shouldn’t limit your spring maintenance to these four tips, they can still help you mitigate any automotive issues winter may have caused. Schedule a service with us, and we can take care of all your spring maintenance needs.

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