Fuel Efficiency Features of the Dodge Charger

For more than half a century, the Dodge Charger has held its place as a popular mid-size sedan. Known for leading its class in innovation, styling and fuel efficiency, the Charger continues its long history of excellence.

Drivers can expect excellent performance on the road from the Charger without sacrificing gas mileage. With up to 300 horsepower under the hood and an industry leading 30 mpg on the highway, the Charger manages to please both high performance enthusiasts and fuel efficiency fans alike. The smoothly transitioning eight-speed transmission balances power and fuel use with computer driven efficiency. To supplement the intelligent transmission, the Charger adds a valve timing feature that aids in delivering maximum power with a minimum of effort.

You're invited to stop by our Dodge dealership to take the new Dodge Charger out on the road for a test drive. Our Dodge specialists are also on hand to discuss its fuel efficiency features.



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