What Exactly is Horsepower?

Most people have heard or even used the term horsepower when referring to the power of an engine. Whether referring to a vacuum cleaner, lawn mower or a brand-new truck, the horsepower of the engine is of particular interest to the buyer. This measurement will give the customer a good idea of the type of performance they can expect out of an engine.

Back in the eighteenth century, James Watt created the term horsepower. He wanted a unit of measurement to compare the force of his new steam engine to the power of the average workhorse. The planned to advertise his engine to coal mine owners and to convince them to abandon their use of horses in favor of the innovative machine. In order to convince them, Watt carefully calculated the power of the average horse working in the coal mine. After careful consideration, Watt concluded that one horse was capable of hauling 33,000 pounds of coal for one minute and reach a distance of one foot.

Today, the term is used to define an engine's capabilities and power. If you want to learn more about horsepower, visit our showroom at Joe Ricci’s Marlette Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram!

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