Keeping A Full Fuel Tank This Winter Is the Best Practice

There are many of us drivers out there that run our vehicles with a nearly empty fuel tank, only dropping in a few gallons at a time to keep it running. The thought behind this is that the less fuel in the tank means that the vehicle is lighter. A lighter vehicle gets better fuel efficiency. This is factual, but the truth is that the difference is really rather small, but the potential risks of running so close to empty are very high.

The empty space inside of a fuel tank actually contains water vapors that will group together all along the inner walls of the fuel tank, causing rust if the tank is made of metal. Water is heavier than fuel and will slide its way down the walls of the fuel tank to the bottom where it can get sucked up into the fuel pump, freeze up in the winter and destroy the entire fuel system.

Make sure your vehicle gets the best quality service by bringing it in to the team here at Joe Ricci’s Marlette Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram today.

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