It's Time to Fill the Transfer Case Fluid in Your Vehicle

Have you had the transfer case fluid replaced in your 4WD or AWD vehicle lately? Following the recommended fluid replacement schedule is important for keeping the transfer case running smoothly and preventing unnecessary and expensive damage.

The power from the engine in 4WD and AWD vehicles is distributed between the axles and wheels. The transfer case is a gearbox that allows this to happen. The gears in the transfer case must be properly lubricated to function. Over time, the lubricating fluid in the transfer case breaks down and needs to be replaced. If your vehicle is having difficulty getting into 4WD or AWD mode, it’s probably time to have your transfer case looked at.

The qualified service people at Joe Ricci's Marlette Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram can inspect your transfer case fluid and determine if it needs replacement. The vehicle manufacturer recommends regular replacement intervals, so contact our Marlette service team today to schedule an appointment.

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