Dodge Grand Caravan's Fuel Efficiency Highlights

We at Joe Ricci's Marlette Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram appreciate the opportunity to provide drivers with America's top minivan, the Dodge Grand Caravan. Dodge created the nation's minivan market in the 1980s, and today's Grand Caravan keeps the popular brand atop the minivan heap. In addition to helping you and your family or small business complete your daily rounds, the modern Dodge Grand has important fuel-saving features.

Dodge built the new Grand Caravan with tires that easily interact with the road's surface. These low rolling-resistance tires will help you travel through your life while maximizing Grand Caravan's fuel efficiency.

Also, today's Dodge Grand Caravan includes a fuel economizer, a feature unmatched in this beloved model's class. The fuel economizer monitors travel conditions and your driving decisions, and it constantly modifies the minivan's engine timing and shift points, giving you optimal fuel economy. You can easily deploy this feature. Just push ECON on the minivan's dash.



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